Hap- HD44700 is very similar to HD38702, except CMOS instead of PMOS, with a max voltage of 5.5V.

The HD38133 in Armor Battle has VDD on pins 1 and 21, OSC on pin 2, button inputs on pins 4-7, LED segments on pins 9-13 and 15-16, VSS on pins 3 and 14, LED rows on Pins 18-20 and 22-24, another button on pin 26, and the piezo connected to pins 27 and 28. 17 and 25 are no-connects, and 8 is tied to VDD through a resistor. I'm guessing one of the VDDs is reset and one of the VSSs is the test pin. It uses a 9V battery with no zener, so it's PMOS.