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Interesting note on Entex Pac-Man 2... I have two of these here, both the same chip number (A23), and in demo mode, they both do the _exact_ same thing every time. I can turn them both on at the same time, and the pac-man and ghosts will follow the same pattern, every time. There's two different patterns- one is triggered by starting demo without the VFD test, and the other is triggered by doing the VFD test.

MESS does the same thing (two patterns, triggered by with or without the VFD test), but the patterns are completely different than what I get on the actual units...

Normal game play seems to work fine, just curious why the demo patterns would be different...

Guessing it could be RAM contents? MESS probably initializes RAM to all 0's. the real chips might initialize it to randomish data that could be mostly 1's.

At least it does the same two patterns every time which is a good thing. That means it most likely is working correctly or nearly so.

Guess it'd be easy to try loading RAM with different contents to see what happens.