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Kevin- glad to hear you're OK. Hope you got a new car! I did check out bitsavers and the datasheet archives, but didn't see that chip or any others more similar than the HD38702. That one has a test pin, and the Armor Battle chip has a couple of pins tied to Vss that I'll play with. On the Hitachi chips you are dumping, does the chip dump ROM when you tie the test pin to Vdd or do you have to do more?

yeah I did. got another CRZ. had a 2011 but got a 2014 now.

Dumping them is a huuuge pain in the ass. I am honestly not sure how I figured it out. If I hadn't dumped the D552/3 parts I don't know if I would've succeeded.

It involves basically creating a jump tree and following the branches in a recursive fashion to find more banks, and then following said banks and stuff. all without resetting the program counter.

frankly I'm surprised it works at all, but it does. Rik had pics of the inside of "monster burger" (and there's 3 other games in this series) with a D1080 in it, which is totally undocumented too.

No clue what it is, except it must be a 4 bit CPU with LCD drivers.