It's the black one. I've actually bought 2 black ones and 2 grey ones now. I first got a grey one and I torched the COP444L and couldn't see the ROM bits (although I think I can now), so I bought another. LN posted the COP dumping info, and by dumb luck the 2nd one was also grey and I dumped the COP electronically. I saw a teardown of a black one on youtube that showed the TI chip, so I bought one of those, but plastic stuck to the die and I roasted it trying to get it off. I bought another along with Head-to-Head baseball and football games.

I'm surprised the TI version is older than the COP version- game over on the COP is very irritating; it keeps beeping over and over again. The TI version only does one set of beeps. Also, the overlay graphics on the grey one look more like the arcade space invaders. I figured they got in trouble because the graphics were similar and had to change them.

I uploaded scans of the overlays:

I shot some cellphone video of it in Amateur and Pro mode if that would help you with timing.