I just rebased my driver (imds2) to today's master branch on GitHub in order to push my changes and I got a bad surprise: my "tiny" project to compile just my driver doesn't work anymore. I guess it has something to do with the recent switch to genie. Basically, I changed my tiny-like makefile to lua script but the same error I got in linking stage a few weeks ago resurfaced:

flopimg.c:(.text+0x2b5f): undefined reference to `pool_free_lib(object_pool*)'
../../../../linux64_gcc/bin/x64/libformats64.a(flopimg.o): In function `floppy_open_internal(void*, io_procs const*, char const*, FloppyFormat const*, int, int, floppy_image_legacy**, int*)':
flopimg.c:(.text+0x2c6b): undefined reference to `pool_alloc_lib(void (*)(char const*))'
... etc ...

When I was using makefiles I included something like:
$(OBJ)/emu/drivers/emudummy.o \

to solve the problem (basing on info gathered on this forum).
But I'm not an expert at all in either genie or lua, so: how do I achieve the same thing in the lua script?

Thanks a lot.

-- F.Ulivi