hap: pretty sure star hawk was a Mattel exclusive. It looks like Bandai didn't make many/all? of their own games, either.

They were both made by "Kaken" according to the PCBs. I don't know who they are or could I find much about them on google so I dunno.

New dump time!

I dumped 9 of the CPUs from the games Rik sent me tonight, so the only CPU from his lot I didn't dump was the 8048 from the mego game (need to fire up the DOS thin client to do it) and the TMS???? from one of the select a game carts.


Galaxy II is very interesting: apparently there's no less than FOUR revisions of the VFDs in this game. I have revision B and D, which have totally different graphics.

Also, I have mostly decoded NEC's VFD part numbering scheme. It appears to be so:

FIP5CM33T (machine man) for example.

FIP = fluorescent indicator panel
5 = number of grids (5 in this case)
C = revision of the VFD (A is rev 1, B is rev 2, etc)
M = custom display
33 = unique display part number

This seems to hold true for all of the displays except 1. Turtles is a FIP15BM32T for example.

It's got 15 grids and must be revision 2.

The odd one out is Cosmic Combat. It's marked FIP32AM18Y. The only one with Y on the end instead of T. Not sure what that means.