I'll scan the PCBs and upload them. The VFDs are Itron FG1114.

Edit: I uploaded the PCB scans with the other pics. Sorry about the crappy desoldering job on the chips- my desoldering iron tip pretty much fell apart and I had to order more, but I didn't wait.

It's odd that 9 and DL are mapped to the same input on Poker, since it has a 4x7 button matrix and almost 1/2 of the positions are unused. But I took apart the keypad to make sure.

I didn't realize that inside the back glass of VFDs that you can see the traces going from the pins to the various grids and segments. I guess it's conductive paint like rear window defoggers use. It helped me figure out the pinout. www.seanriddle.com/pokervfdb.jpg

I don't have a top metal shot of Poker because the die was stuck in plastic, but here's the highest res pic I've got. I don't think there's a bit there, but I'll clean the die and take another look.
[Linked Image from seanriddle.com]

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