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Can I send you the chip (and maybe a couple of Rockwell's that are hassling me, too)? I'd like to get them back after you dump them so I can torch them and map out the bits.

Sure I can dump them. To get the data out, it's a bit more nuanced. 2 of the pins (near the corner.. 39 and 40 I think) control things. One lets it force NOPs and the other lets you execute a jump.

So you have to do a bunch of code that counts clocks after dumping the first bank on reset. Then you count clocks up to each jump/call and then let it execute it get into the new bank. Then you have to keep following jumps/calls to get to all banks.

The HD388xx is like that only worse.
If it's OK, I'll send the NEC D557L from Tactix, the Rockwell MM75 from Electronic Mastermind, the MM76EL from Scrabble Sensor, and the Hitachi HD38133 from Mattel Armor Battle. Thanks!