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So it COULD be pre-rev E even in 82, depends I guess when the masks were made. Given the 6011? number on the chip matches the older game its possible this could be a fairly old 'alternate rules pinball mask' which was ramped up later.

Worth a try to dump it electrically, probably.

I agree it's worth a try. Dumping would not damage the chip if it is an E or G revision anyway. If it's an E and there were just a few changes from RTD's code, I wonder if we could figure out the 8th bits.

The back of the RTD PCB says "ENTEX PONY PINBALL 6011". So I bet RTD is 6011 and BK is 6011A. It's interesting that both PCBs have 39 LEDs, but the RTD LEDs are numbered 1-43. Were 4 removed for cost reasons? Maybe they shrunk the playfield and those 4 no longer fit?