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Just wanted to say thanks to everyone working on those old games, but there is a distinct lack of screenshots in this thread!

Someone wanted screen shots? smile Here's some, just as-is from MESS, left the Windows border there too (didn't feel like editing them... smile )
Bandai Crazy Climber :

Bandai Dokodemo Dorayaki Doraemon :

Bandai Frisky Tom :

Bandai Machine Man :

Coleco Donkey Kong :

Coleco Galaxian :

Coleco Ms. Pac-Man :

Coleco Pac-Man :

Entex Pac-Man 2 :

Gakken Crazy Kong :
This game really needs the overlay to work as the ladders are printed on the game (not perfectly aligned here though...) :

Damn, I was totally going to spam the forum with a massive image post, but it limits you to 10 images it seems... smile More screenshots are here:
using the MESS naming...
(Or I can make another post like this if someone wants me to... smile )
It's been fun playing these at work (I can get away with that occasionally) and having people walk by and recognizing them!