Blast from the past (2012): is down and I cannot find the archive of the two rainbow roms from

Were these the 23-020e5 and 23-022e5 arbee had mentioned?
Also which character rom was verified? The 'normal' 23-018e2 one? We are STILL looking for the 23-094e2 'alternate character generator' rom which provides characters 128-255. It turns out to be much rarer than I thought.

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OK. The checksums of the 3 EPROMs i dumped today are exact duplicates of those available as a download on "Drive W" ( The character rom is also identical. Sigh. :-)

@rfka : would you lend a fellow countryman your 100-B motherboard? Do you have a DEC compatible monitor?

I'd really like to peek on the data of the winchester drive (Seagate ST-412 MFM and therefore incompatible to modern computer hardware)...

Spent the evening trying to repair the broken MB (see post above), but gave up.

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We have a "German-French-English" ROM right now, part numbers 23-022e5-00 and 23-020e5-00. If yours is another part, that would be interesting to get dumped at some point.

Lord_Nightmare just dumped the controller ROM from an LK201 which will help further the emulation smile

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