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A few questions regarding these compile options posted above:

1) I assume "USE_OPENGL=1" isn't necessary for linux builds?
2) What does "avx=1" and "USE_NETWORK=1" do for the build?
3) Can someone confirm that it's sufficient to just use: make -j9 TARGET=mess for a build that maximizes the features of an x64 linux/haswell platform?

1) Nope. I don't believe it's necessary for win32 (non-SDL) builds either, now.
2) USE_NETWORK enables use of a tap/tun device (Linux) or pcap (Win32 or OS X) to create a network connection, allowing emulated systems to connect to your local network. Note that pcap can slow MESS down a fair bit when in use. Tap/tun devices do not though, so you should be fine there. I believe it is also now enabled by default. AVX, I think, allows for the binary to be optimised using that set of CPU instructions, only enable it if your CPU supports it.
3) Should do. 64-bit should be auto-detected.

- Barry Rodewald