sean: OK. I will have to add some 28 pin sockets to my dumper boards to accommodate the new parts but this isn't a problem. I am also reviving my allpro 88 dumping addon device; are you interested in that if I do it? I think you said you had an allpro 88, right?

The idea is a PCB that fits inside the allpro and replaces the three power supply boards, and has a ribbon that plugs into the computer port, and has USB + 12V input on it.

I was thinking of adding a simple LCD (HD44780 type) and some buttons for "mass" dumping maybe. Like you get a tube of 20 EPROMs and want to dump them all, it'd be nice to be able to plug it in and hit the button to dump + auto create the file with an incrementing filename or similar.

I got a prelim PCB design done of the difficult parts (power supplies), so all that was left is an FPGA and some other gubbins to make it all work.

[Linked Image from]

Also was going to add some headers for small fans because cooling is grossly inadequate IMO and make them turn on when the programmer is under bias (i.e. pin drivers are... driving). When not under bias it doesn't get too hot.

Dumping will be performed via "scripts" that are executed on the hardware, and consist of a 45 bit wide VLIW CPU running at 20MIPs or similar, with 8 32 bit registers and built in delay functions and 16Mbyte of RAM. Also was thinking of replacing the existing clock generator with an FPGA output to produce any frequency of clock desired instead of the fixed 5 or 6 the allpro normally does.