What was the status of the Coleco Frogger game? I can't remember if you were able to figure out dumping it or not...

I finally dug up a Gakken Frogger, and it's the same Konami chip, but with a different die code:
(You mentioned 'P's once before, is that possibly a protected chip, or just a coincidence on this one?) The VFD is a CP5084 GLR, and is slightly different than Coleco's, but mostly in the art style of the sprites.

Another random game: Castle Toy Kingpin II pinball
It's an 'actual' pinball with ball and flippers, but runs on an NEC D550LC
It'd be fun to add that to Visual PinMAME as well... smile

Found a Rockwell B9001-13 in Mattel's Horoscope Computer. Where any of the earlier Mattel LED games (like Battlestar Galactica) dumpable, or was decapping used for that?