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What was the status of the Coleco Frogger game? I can't remember if you were able to figure out dumping it or not...

I finally dug up a Gakken Frogger, and it's the same Konami chip, but with a different die code:
(You mentioned 'P's once before, is that possibly a protected chip, or just a coincidence on this one?) The VFD is a CP5084 GLR, and is slightly different than Coleco's, but mostly in the art style of the sprites.

Another random game: Castle Toy Kingpin II pinball
It's an 'actual' pinball with ball and flippers, but runs on an NEC D550LC
It'd be fun to add that to Visual PinMAME as well... smile

Found a Rockwell B9001-13 in Mattel's Horoscope Computer. Where any of the earlier Mattel LED games (like Battlestar Galactica) dumpable, or was decapping used for that?

Yes I dumped it. The VFD artwork and the dump should be sitting in a /coleco frogger/ dir in the usual place. Hmm just checked. the ROM dump is not in there. wonder how it got left out.

I just uploaded the ROM dump and the disassembly of it. Interestingly they are using 3 instructions that are not documented. I know what two of them are- they appear to be a left and right rotate. I documented them in the disasm.

I know they are rotates because the code "makes perfect sense" for them to be that- I reversed the VFD scanning/display and button reading part.

Yes I can dump those; in this case the P does not mean protected as far as I know. the 701 I dumped was a P version too.

As for the rockwell chip I have no clue. if it's an MM7x it's probably dumpable; this would be tellable via the pinout. An NEC 550, let's see... Yeah looks like it's possibly dumpable; there is a test pin on it. This seems to be the same/similar to the 557 I have here I was going to try to dump.