Hi. The 2 EPROMs in my first Rainbow 100 B had hashes identical to the ´rainbow.c´ driver (below). The character generator (unerasable) was also identical. All 3 hashes matched the ZIP on Drive W.

I kept the original archive from Jeff for reference, if someone is interested smile

The Rainbow 100 A dumps would make a nice addition. One proud owner even posted on the DEC section of www.vintage-computer.com and sent me a photo (!) of the 3 ROM chips, but did not respond to later enquiries. Guess he sold his stuff.

None of the 100 A EPROMs (3 x 2732) had serial numbers printed on them. Will re-check the OTP / PROM on the B when time permits.

// ROM definition for 100-B (system module 70-19974-02, PSU H7842-D)
// - 32 K ROM (version 5.03)
ROM_REGION(0x100000, "maincpu", 0)
ROM_LOAD("23-022e5-00.bin", 0xf0000, 0x4000, CRC(9d1332b4) SHA1(736306d2a36bd44f95a39b36ebbab211cc8fea6e))
ROM_RELOAD(0xf4000, 0x4000)
ROM_LOAD("23-020e5-00.bin", 0xf8000, 0x4000, CRC(8638712f) SHA1(8269b0d95dc6efbe67d500dac3999df4838625d8)) // German, French, English
ROM_RELOAD(0xfc000, 0x4000)
ROM_REGION(0x1000, "chargen", 0)
ROM_LOAD("chargen.bin", 0x0000, 0x1000, CRC(1685e452) SHA1(bc299ff1cb74afcededf1a7beb9001188fdcf02f))

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