Poking through some more odd stuff... Found some interesting things:
Coleco Quiz Wiz Challenger:
TMS1000, but socketed for our convenience... smile
Milton Bradley Arcade Mania (board game with an electronic device) :
TI M34078A-N2LL
Mattel Computer Backgammon (LCD game)
Just labeled T6753 1777-9339 (Toshiba I assume...)
Mattel Diet Trac (an LCD weight-loss calculator basically...)
Toshiba T6768

I found these interesting:
Mattel Horse Race Analyzer:
TMS1100 with an LCD driver chip (looks like a Hughes chip)
This was sold by Mattel for a while, and when they stopped selling it, the inventors bought it back from them and sold it under their own name: AHTI
Their version looks like the same on the outside, but this is the board in it:
Obviously completely redesigned... Mattel's version came out in 1979 or so, the AHTI came out around 1994, so I assume that had a lot to do with it... I was just surprised to see it so radically different...

Don't know what's dumpable of all that, but thought I'd share...