Reasons for my guess: LPC12/D6 speech (which the TSP50c1x/0x series does) takes up very little rom space, so it can hold quite a lot of it in internal rom. Given the simplicity of the phone device, the TSP50C1x/0x can also do all the button reading etc that is necessary for operation.

Also, MB used (at least) two TSP50C10 series mcus around 1989-1991: One in "Electronic Talking Battleship", and another in "Omega Virus".

Omega Virus, btw, seems to be the spiritual successor to "Dark Tower", the game is played very very similarly.

EDIT: as for the number of words the tsp50c10 contains, here's I think all the words from electronic talking battleship:
"Prepare for battle!"
"task force"
"man your battlestations!"
"patrol boat"
(the below sounds are not speech and some may be synthesized by code banging data directly to the tsp50cxx internal DAC)
<6 notes of "anchors aweigh"> (powerup/reset sound)
<beep> (button press, or 'fake' button press by the AI)
<3 siren whoops> (immediately before start of game, after setup)
<sound of missile firing/arcing> (upon player or AI firing; there is some noticeable aliasing in this sample)
<crash/explosion> (hit a ship; this seems to be a PCM sample?)
<6 notes of "taps"> (game over, or auto-power-off timer is about to expire)


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