Phrases from Omega Virus (from watching several youtube videos, I don't own this):
"access card"
"teleported to"
"docking bay"
"security breach!"
"access denied"
"is attacking"
"take your best shot"
"which room?"
"shut down"
<monotone>"help me"
<monotone>"do something!"
<monotone>"secret code"
<monotone>"we are running out of time!"
"human scum!"
"found me!"
"I am terminated"
<mocking>"'help me!'"
"heh, hehahahahahaha!"
"until I take over!"
"try and stop me!"
"hee hee heehee!"
"must be"
"too late! this station is mine! I win!"
<radio blip> (this is made using a deliberately scrambled lpc sample, cute!)
<scrambled glitch noise> (another glitch lpc sample)
<beep> (button press)
<klaxon buzz x3 fast>
<klaxon buzz x3 slow>
<high siren x3>
<sound of shield energizing, fast upward sweep>
<sound of laser firing, upward sweep>
<wavering low noise/warble> (when being teleported)
<crash/explosion, identical to talking battleship>

Omega Virus was apparently created by Michael Gray, along with dream phone and mall madness

Omega Virus is also interesting in that it varies both the LPC Rate (for speeding up and slowing down samples without changing pitch) as well as MAYBE altering pitch during speech (for the monotone samples, unless they were separately encoded?)
The tsp50cxx does allow this, IIRC.
Given the large number of speech samples, I suspect Omega Virus has 2 or 4 times as much rom as Electronic Talking Battleship does, on its tsp50cxx.
Either that or it uses a tsp60cxx VSM rom for some of the speech!


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