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it's TMS1024 and MP1604
No die codes or anything?

Here's some more interesting ones...
Bandai Space Chaser (LED game)
Hitachi HD3813 7B

Bandai Zaxxon LCD (2-layer LCD game)
Chip says ZG16883 with some Japanese above it...
Other side of the board:

Mattel Look Alive Football:
Chip apparently applied directly to the circuit board. Not sure how easy that will be to dump, but at least it will be easy to see visually by popping off the plastic cover (which I didn't do, but not opposed to...)
Saw the 'Copyright Mattel 1998' on the board and thought What the hell? Then realized '1998' is the part number for this game... smile

And the Unknown Grab-Man game: (probably made by Matsushima)
No markings on the chip... That's this game here:
Same display layout as Tomy Pac-Man in a small LCD handheld (game play is a little different though).

I also have a Mattel Football (the original) that has little round blips instead of the dashes most of them have. Never seen that variation since, but comparing it to a dash version I found this on the chips:
Dash version:
Dot version:
All the boards (including the LED board) had the same revision numbers, but the games appear to be roughly 3 years apart in age. Not sure if there would have been changes to the chip or not though.

Also compared a Bandai Missile Attack to a Battlestar Galactica, and they were identical. So that was definitely just a name change.