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Funtronics Jacks and Mattel Basketball both have the dies glued directly to the PCB also. Jacks has a COP421, and I was able to photograph the die with no damage to the game, but you have to be extremely careful not to touch the bond wires. I also tracked down the traces on the PCB and dumped it electronically.

Yeah, Funtronics Tag must be the same way, there's a piece of plastic protecting the LEDs, so the chip must be under that... I can send you Tag and Red Light/Green Light if you want to look into those. The forth 'game' (Hot Wheels Drag Race) is the same as Red Light. So we can get the entire 'Funtronics' line checked off...

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Basketball actually has 3 chip dies on the PCB. I haven't looked too closely at it yet.

I've heard about the round blips vs dashes, but I don't think the chips would be different. I've decapped one Football and I have another; I'll check the markings. It might just be that they standardized on the -nn style labeling.

Hmm, I'm going to have to look at a Basketball now... smile What other Mattel games have not been looked into? I have them all so I can check them out for you.

I didn't think Football would be different just because of the LEDs, but was surprised to find them so many years apart. I figured they would have stopped making Football when Football 2 came out...

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I didn't realize that there was a clone of BSG.
Actually, it's the other way around. Mattel Missile Attack was one of the first games Mattel ever made (3rd game, after Auto Race and Football). Story has it that some companies (NBC, not wanting to air the commercials) didn't like the idea that if you lost the game, New York basically got nuked... smile (This was the 70's remember) So they licensed Battlestar Galactica and made it a space game instead. Later the BSG license ended, and it was sold just as 'Space Alert'

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I got a Unisonic 21 blackjack/calculator (AKA Jimmy the Greek model D3).

I just found mine over the weekend, D2 model I think, top picture here:
I also have one of the little calculator versions... Didn't get into yet though.