The owner of the TurboW and the "Drive W" website are one and the same person. He promised to look into getting "Drive W" up again soon, and wrote on the subject of the TurboW and the ClikClok:

"I haven't been able to find the original pictures of the Turbow-286 board yet, so I can't determine the chip details,
although it a realtively "common" chip used to interface 286 CPUs to 8088 systems (by my understanding). I doubt I'll be pulling out the motherboard of the Turbow any time soon, though. The Turbow-286 does not have a real-time clock on board. You'd need the separate ClikClok chip, which was just a Dallas Semiconductor clock chip and battery wedged in between the high ROM on the Rainbow and the motherboard (I don't know the wiring details or the chip used - Suitable Solutions painted over the chip labels to dissuade copycats)."

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