More stuff...
Mattel Hockey and Soccer have the 3 chips on the circuit board like Basketball...

Mattel Competition Football (small LCD game) :
Toshiba T6819S
Whole game seems to be licensed from Toshiba

Mattel Long Bomb Football (slightly larger LCD game) :
Toshiba T6840S (I'm assuming Toshiba...)

Mattel Mind Boggler (VFD puzzle solving game) :
Rockwell MM75 A7505-12

Mattel Computer Gin:
NEC 650C 060
With Hughes HLCD 0530 driver chip

A random one I found:
Fonas Baseball
TI TMS1000NL 3232

And just for reference:
Actronics Challenge Racer (VFD game)- HD38750-A58
There's two Twinvader games listed here:
And they are also sold as Twinvader III (and say that on the back usually), but the large and small versions seem to have different chips.
Twinvader (large white one)- HD38800-A51
Twinvader (smaller brown one)- HD38750-A56