So far we know of the following tsp50cxx chips:
1. Keynote speech synthesizer module that Kevtris has ("2472JXT // CSM10075AN")
2. MB Electronic Talking Battleship(1989) ("2234673 // BATTLESHIP // CSM10017AN")
3. MB Electronic Talking Battleship(1998?) ("85AX02T // B-SHIP 1998 // CSM10287AN")
4. MB Dream Phone(1991) ("5507 JKT // DREAM PHONE2 // CSM11120AN")
5. Echo II Speech Synthesizer Card for Apple2 (1989) ("ECHO-2 SEC // LU 9020 // 25954 PHILIPPINES") [note this uses a different, earlier tsp50c01 or 02 or other part with a slightly different pinout to tsp50c10]
6. MB Omega Virus(1992) ("3253ACT // OMEGA VIRUS // CSM11161AN")
7. Mystery Vtech unit from Dumping Union ("84C91HT // VIDEO TECH // CSM10150AN")
we suspect that MB Mall Madness also uses a tsp50cxx but don't have the chip label yet.
Also from Boardgamegeek forums we know a German voice version of Omega Virus exists as well.

I believe the number even tells you what type of tsp50cxx it is, its the first 2 digits after CSM, next 3 digits are die number, letter is die rev and N means plastic
so CSM11120AN = TSP50C11A die # 120, plastic package

Let's try to figure out that test mode, it should be possible to dump these things without any decap at all.


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