Cool. I bet it has more interesting phrases than Dream Phone! Although Dream Phone could probably be hacked into a phreaking tool smile I need to read the instructions- so far all I get is "Sorry, wrong number. Dial again."

I picked up another Battleship, too. It's the same as the other one; the box, the bottom of the board and the code book all say copyright 1989. But the first PCB has a date code of 8105 and the 2nd has 8223??? The top line of the new chip is different; instead of 85AX02T, this one has 88AR7HT.

The resonator on Battleship is 8MHz; the one on Dream Phone is 9.6MHz

I finally used a frequency counter on the 2 different Microvision Pinball carts; the one with the E rev chip runs 6.7% faster on the 3 pins that I measured than the B rev.

I cleaned the Plus One die again and was setting it up under the microscope when it disappeared. I've "tiddly-winked" other dies before, but I've always found them eventually. This one's so tiny, I didn't even hear it hit wherever it landed. I used a bright LED flashlight to try to see it glint, but never found it. Hopefully I've got enough pics of the ROM to figure out all the bits.

I dumped the COP410L in Red Light Green Light visually; I'll trace the wiring and dump it electronically, too.

I haven't had any luck dumping the COP421 in Einstein. All the other COP chips I've dumped are "L" versions- 444L, 421L and 410L, so maybe that's part of the issue. What's odd is that I can't even see the keyboard matrix scan with a frequency counter or oscilloscope. I know it's working because I can play, so I should see it strobe the rows.

I picked up an Entex Basketball 2.

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