Hello Rene, please explain how compiling new qmc2 smile
me compiling separate mamearcade and mess execuatbles

now this parameter :

make.exe EMULATOR=mame WIP=1 MINGW=1 -j5
compiling qmc2-mame.exe

make.exe EMULATOR=mess WIP=1 MINGW=1 -j5
compiling same qmc2-mame.exe

from r6646:
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imp: unified all main GUI variants into one: "qmc2-(sdl)mame" (because
of the unification in MAME) - as a result, you only have to build one
binary now and the EMULATOR option as well as variant switching have
been removed

where this options ?

tnx smile

p.s.-> and bug
all buttons with 2 archers:
"Import MAME game information to Dat-info database"
"Import MAME emulator information to Dat-info database"
and etc etc not work.
qmc2 say: "DAT-info database: 0 game info records imported"

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