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I will try to make unofficial Win32 builds as update on the coming weekend.

Thank you, Anna

Maybe I will not release the new unofficial version, just saw the changes.
I'm not interested on a unified UME-like launcher but it is not René's fault.
I pay my attention for MESS only and not for MAME or MAME + MESS
UME or an unified UME-like launcher are heavy weight's for my old computer.
Sorry, Christina. frown

Would there be any difference, weight-wise if you use the new QMC2-mame coupled with a subtarget=MESS build of mame ?

Anyway, i'm gonna release a x64 build of the QMC-mame (the changes broke my build script, but i can compile manually. Just have to find the culprit in my batch).

Is "make distclean" still useful between building "qmc2-mame.exe" and building qchdman.exe or qmc2-arcade.exe ?

Can you remind me how we can have the SVN revision as version number?

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