I got the new batch of games today. On first impressions, there's some weird stuff in here.

Amidar uses an M81503-702SP which is similar to the chip on frogger, but is in a shrink dip package- a 56 pin sdip. This is an odd package size. I'm sure it probably dumps the same way so I most likely can extract it's programming goodness.

The other issue with this game is the VFD has the white "grid" pattern of amidar printed onto the filter. This is going to make vectoring it difficult because the lines obscure the VFD glyphs head-on.

Jungler has the same chip frogger does, an M58846-702P. (frogger's 701P and I think 700P). Again I can dump this so no big deal.

Bandai pair match has TWO HD38820's in it. One runs the game/VFD and the other does nothing except make sounds. Almost all of its IOs are NC. There's a 4 bit bus and 2 or so control signals between the two.

Bandai zaxxon has a mirror above the VFD so that the two halves of the VFD are "overlapping" each other for a 3D effect. Half the VFD glyphs are reversed because of the mirror.

Bandai ultraman has a very difficult to vector VFD, I might have to let that one go, at least for now (or someone else is welcome to do it :-)

Other than that, should be easy work. I got the two select a game carts apart without damage to the labels except for a tiny bit that shouldn't be very visible once it's back together.