I got Mattel Sub Chase and Tomytronics Break Up. Sub Chase uses the same chip that was in Mattel Armor Battle that I sent to Kevin.

Break Up has a 28 SDIP labeled MP2726 and a TMS1025 40 SDIP. I decapped the MP2726 and the die is marked 1040B. That makes it the first TMS1040 I've seen. The only info I've found is on Datamath.org. The only pinout I have of the TMS1025 is on the one-page "Texas Instruments Microprocessor and Memory Products TMS 1000 Family Pinouts" sheet, but they swapped the pinouts for it and the TMS1200.

I also de-globbed Sears Auto Race. It looks like instead of an MCU that it has a custom VLSI, like Simon.

I'll put together some pictures.