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I started on a Mitsubishi MELPS 4 microcontroller family emulation core. Known games using it are AFAIK:
- Coleco Frogger
- Gakken Frogger (or is this the same rom as coleco version?)
- Gakken Amidar
- Gakken Jungler

Rik: do you know any other games using this MCU?

Also, this thing has an output-PLA similar to TMS1x series. I've read about someone(nickname: blanka) that decapped a Frogger MCU. Is the die picture online somewhere? And if so: more than just the ROM.

Gakken and Coleco Frogger are different. Probably not by much, but the VFD is slightly different, and it's a different ROM code.

I'm not sure (off the top of my head) if any other games use that MCU or not... I'm sure we'll find at least 1 or 2 more...

I sent an Email to Blanka to see if he has a pic of the Frogger die handy... I'll also look around and see if I saved the chip from a dead Frogger I scavenged for parts. Not sure if I kept it or not...