Sorry, but I can't reproduce this. Can anybody else reproduce oddi's problem?

There are timestamps stored in qmc2.ini for all of the imported files:

rene@thunder:~/.qmc2> egrep "EmuInfoImport|GameInfoImport|SoftwareInfoImport" qmc2.ini
DatInfoDatabase\EmuInfoImportFiles=/home/rene/.qmc2/mameinfo.dat, /home/rene/.qmc2/messinfo.dat
DatInfoDatabase\EmuInfoImportDates=1431407138, 1431407138
DatInfoDatabase\GameInfoImportFiles=/home/rene/.qmc2/history.dat, /home/rene/.qmc2/sysinfo.dat
DatInfoDatabase\GameInfoImportDates=1430653144, 1431407138

Let me know if the timestamps are updated when you (re)import them! Please also check if the modification dates for these files in the file-system are not "somewhere in the future"!!

The timestamps are used to find out if a file has been updated. However, that's actually not different from before.

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