If all goes to plan, a new MAME release is due in 3 days. Here's a summary of what we added.

- Bandai Tamagotchi
- Entex Turtles
- Entex Stargate
- Milton Bradley Lightfight

added but not working yet:
- Castle Toy Einstein (COP400)
- Coleco Frogger (WIP)
- Entex Color Football 4 (WIP)
- Entex Basketball 2 (WIP)
- Mattel Funtronics Jacks (COP400)
- Mattel Funtronics Red Light Green Light (COP400)
- Milton Bradley Plus One (COP400)
- Ritam Monty Plays Scrabble (WIP)
- Ritam Master Monty (WIP)

(WIP) = work in progress, no big problems expected.
(COP400) = assumed CPU core emulation bugs

Tomy Breakup and the batch of Rik's games that kevtris dumped/will dump, will be added later.