Part 1: Does it work?

Starting an emulation project with a dead system is much more frustrating. First steps taken were to plug the actual thing and see if it showed anything.
A sign. "Please wait till I connect to a non existent analog network", erm or something like that.

Well to my surprise, yes! This is what I get when plugin it in:

Short vine of the scanning process

This is the (I assume) build-in bootloader code trying to get a signal from the cable company. It loops through analog channels and tries to find data.. unsuccessfully. You can see the typical mid 80's fonts and resolution at work. My guess was always some form of MSX+ VDC, like a V9938 perhaps?

Anyway, I always wondered if by any chance there were some left over data signals on the analog cable even now. My ISP is in _fact_ Videotron on cable modem, so wouldn't hurt to try right?

But No.
Analog is dead DEAD.

Nice screen though!

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