Part 4: Getting to the CPU.

They really didn't want people to pry into this. So I carefully took metal scissors and cut my way through the casing:

In an uncommon fashion, the DIP chips are soldered in a surface mount manner (not through hole). PROBABLY so that the leads were not accessible from the underside and/or to add extra shielding, who knows.

Removing the sticker on the 40pin chip on the left unveils an MC68A09EP

Other than that:

1xTMS27PC128-20NL (16KiB mask rom)
1xHY6264LJ-10 ( 8KiB static ram)
8xKM41C464J-8 (64k4bit - totaling 256 KiB of dynamic video memory (assumed)
and one big ass 100 pin QFP custom chip from "LSI LOGIC CANADA",
marked "L4A0412 221E158-01 VIDEOWAY NEG 9050 /\ EX0332 HONG KONG"

This is what I think serves as Video Display controller, bus marshaller, address decoder, I/O interface, you name it.

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