This topic is really interesting. Thank you for showing us the process of dismantling and dumping this thing.

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The analog cable channels that continuously pushed the blocks of data for those games downstream have been replaced with HD signals in or about 2006/2008. So whether or not the company decides to ever provide these later on for their historical importance is anyone's guess.
Do you know if the data used for these games was carried in the same way as the Teletext was in other analogue TV channels?

The data for each page of a channel's Teletext was consecutively included on each frame of the broadcasted image that the receivers got, encoded within the non-visible area. This could have been a very practical way for broadcasting these games' data in succession, with the receiver waiting for the signal of the selected game to begin, then copying the data it gets frame by frame into RAM, then running the game from it.

I'm asking because this Teletext data could actually be saved via good quality VHS recordings. I distinctly remember being able to access a review for the ZX Spectrum version of Bionic Commando while playing a recording of a TV program of that time, many years afterwards (although some TVs were less prone to correctly recognize the signal fully, and sometimes displayed too much garbage along with the readable strings).

So, if the data for these games was handled in a similar way, this would mean that it may be possible to recover some of them or at least part of their data, if somebody still has some good VHS recordings of any programs that were being aired by those channels before they were discontinued.

I hope this can lead to some good news.

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