Qt 5 is supported, but there are some features which would need some more work (and are thus disabled for Qt 5). Also, the Qt developers currently plan to drop QtWebKit and QtScript (both will be deprecated in Qt 5.5) and there's no full replacement yet... and so I still recommend Qt 4.8 (4.8.7 has just been released), though you can use Qt 5 if you like. Some users do this already for quite some time.

QMC2 Arcade will work with Qt 5, but the ToxicWaste theme has some issues at least.

Also, the settings (qmc2.ini) will automatically upgrade from Qt 4 to Qt 5, but there's no clean way back. So in case you "just want to try QMC2 / Qt 5" create a backup of your QMC2 configuration!

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